Hyperloop Broke A Speed Record at SpaceX’s 2019 Pod Competition

TUM Hyperloop, one of the engineering teams racing to make the incredibly fast theoretical form of transportation a reality, has just beaten their own speed record.

The new 288 mph record — announced on Hyperloop’s official Twitter account — was set at the fourth installment of the Hyperloop pod competitions set up by SpaceX…

The new record shows positive progress for the in-development technology. However, the winning team, TUM (previously known as WARR Hyperloop), only surpassed their own record from last year by 4 mph.

This means that Hyperloop is still far away from its ambitious early goal of reaching 760 mph.

As Teslarati reports, TUM had originally hoped to hit 372 mph at this year’s competition by doubling the power output over their iteration from last year’s competition.