Huawei shows off smartphone AI in driverless car demo at MWC

Huawei is promoting the power of its smartphones with a demo of a driverless car controlled by the Mate 10 Pro in Barcelona, at Mobile World Congress. The ‘RoadReader’ project sees a Porsche Panamera transformed into a driverless vehicle that takes advantage of the artificial intelligence technology used in Huawei’s phones.

The car doesn’t just see, but crucially, understands its surroundings, Huawei said. This means that it can can distinguish between thousands of different objects, including a cat or dog, a ball or a bike, and learn to take the most appropriate course of action.

The AI capabilities are already in the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. The device uses AI to automatically recognise objects and help phone users adjust the camera settings accordingly to take the best picture.