Bike Share Pittsburgh is donating 450 retired Healthy Ride bikes as part of Recycle a Bicycle Program

In May, Bike Share Pittsburgh unveiled POGOH, its revamped and rebranded bike share program. It replaced the 7-year-old Healthy Ride program, phasing out the nextdoor-manufactured vehicles in favor of an all-new fleet of more than 350 bikes, split 50/50 between pedal and electric-assist bikes, available at 38 stations around the city.

The Healthy Ride bikes were retired for several reasons, including increased interest in electric-assist bikes to help riders climb Pittsburgh’s steep hills, as well as a lack of support from bike manufacturer nextbike, which had shifted most of its operations to Europe…

In December 2021, Bike Share Pittsburgh posted an application form on its website, through which organizations could submit bids for a share of the 450 bikes. It closed the form after just one month: The nonprofit had received 54 unique applications, asking for some 1,000 bikes in total.