Qualcomm Acquires Chips Developer to Aid in Auto Safety

Qualcomm has agreed to acquire Israeli company Autotalks, a developer of chips used in crash protection technology.

The agreement would allow Qualcomm to incorporate Autotalks’ safety products into its Snapdragon Digital Chassis, which helps deliver assisted and autonomous driving.

Autotalks is a fabless developer of semiconductors and system-on-a-chip tech, based in the center of Israel, an area heavily focused on developing vehicle-to-everything (V2X) solutions since 2009.

V2X allows vehicles, either self-driven or operated by humans, to connect with other road users as well as elements in the immediate environment, such as traffic lights, to improve safety.

By incorporating the Autotalks’ tech into the Snapdragon portfolio, Qualcomm would have a potentially more robust product line for customers, which include Mercedes, the Volkswagen Group, General Motors, Stellantis and Afeela, the newly created brand from Honda and Sony.