Every navigation app should have Cowboy’s air-quality ebike route feature

However, help is on its way from Belgian ebike maker, Cowboy.

In the latest update of its app — out this week — Cowboy has added a navigation feature which allows riders to plan their routes based on air quality.

Air quality data is supplied by Breezometer, the same company that supplies air quality data to the Apple Weather app. This allows the Cowboy app to design a route using localized air quality data, and direct riders to the cleanest roads to get them to their destination.

Cowboy says it’s the first ebike maker to include a navigate-by-air quality feature in its app. That certainly seems to be the case.

There are a bunch of air quality apps out there like, Breezometer, Local Haze, and Plume. There are also cycling focused navigation apps, like All Trails, that let users overlay air quality data on maps. But I haven’t come across an app that blends the two.