DOT unlocks money for clean-truck parking capacity

The Biden administration wants to leverage funds from a new pot of $6.4 billion earmarked for pollution-cutting transportation projects to boost much-needed truck parking capacity across the country.

The money will flow to individual states through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Carbon Reduction Program (CRP), administered by the Federal Highway Administration. The five-year program was authorized by the federal infrastructure law signed by President Joe Biden last year…

Questioned by lawmakers at a Senate hearing in March on the administration’s efforts to address the lack of truck parking, Buttigieg referenced the CRP as a potential funding source.

Other freight-related projects eligible for funding in the CRP include diesel engine retrofits for trucks, as well as projects that deploy smart transportation systems and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications equipment, including retrofitting dedicated short-range communications technology deployed as part of an existing pilot program to cellular vehicle-to-everything technology.