How Truck Automation May Change Roadside Inspections

To game this out, the HDT Talks Trucking podcast got on the line with Will Schaefer, director of safety programs for the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. He knows whereof he speaks: Before joining CVSA in 2010, Schaefer worked as a federal regulatory research engineer at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; as technical policy representative at the American Trucking Associations and at the Truck Manufacturers Association, and as consultant to the Department of Energy.

Asked for his thoughts on how CVSA and the overall enforcement community is viewing the advent of highly automated and eventually fully automated (aka autonomous or “driverless”) trucks, Schaefer told HDT Talks Trucking that “it’s a very fluid discussion. We established some recommendations for policy at the end of 2019. They’re evolving. So, what we recommend might be a little different in the near future.