How Many Cars Needed in ‘Smart Cities’ of Future?

Cities can get smart about improving transportation, traffic, parking and emissions, and shared mobility is a key component of that future, says Gabe Klein, a partner at CityFi, a consultancy that seeks to eliminate civic complexity in a rapidly urbanizing world.

Speaking remotely during a panel session at this week’s Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing Seminars in Traverse City, MI, Klein says transportation plays a crucial role in how cities can improve “climate, equity, jobs, opportunity and access.”

But his solution may have rattled an audience whose livelihoods are pegged to the auto industry…

He proposes solutions including a dramatic increase in the use of shared mobility technologies and micro-transportation modes such as shared scooters and e-bikes.

Klein and other panelists suggest public and private parties need to come together and act quickly by merging smart policy with technological advances to identify pain points and devise solutions.