How green is your electric car really? New battery ‘passports’ will reveal all

When you’re shopping for a new electric bike, e-scooter, or electric car, a new ‘passport’ for batteries will soon help you understand the effect of its battery on the environment.

As ebiketips reports, the scheme is due to start at the end of 2022, and will tell you all about how and where a specific battery was made, and even how it could be reused once it reaches the end of its life – all of which are becoming increasingly important as electric vehicles become mainstream…

The battery passport system will give much more transparency, helping identify batteries that are best and worst in class, and provide minimum standards for ethical and sustainable batteries.

It won’t just be for car makers and bike builders, either. According to the Global Battery Alliance, which is the organization behind the scheme, key info will also be available for customers so you can make an educated choice when picking a new car, bike, or scooter.