How EVs were a lifeline for 3 families (and 6 cats) during the Texas blackout

The Tesla was responsible for possibly saving my wife Donna and me. I had charged the EV to 90% right before the storm hit. When the temperature inside the house dipped below 50F, my wife and I put our six cats in their carriers and stacked them in the back seat of the EV in the garage. We have six rescue cats ranging in age from 3 to 16 years old.

The temperature in the garage was 33F. We ran the heater for eight hours in Camp mode one night and we were able to sleep in comfort at 69 degrees. We only used 17% of the battery charge for those eight hours. We did this for three nights on one charge. We were able to keep our phones charged which allowed us to keep in contact with our families. Thank God for the Tesla.