How community colleges and developers are preparing for VinFast’s arrival

April Stanley is a waitress at Al’s Diner in Pittsboro.

She admitted that she had no idea — there’s been very little chatter at the restaurant — about VinFast, the electric automotive company coming to Chatham County that is expected to create 7,500 jobs…

“I would love to be working there. Especially with my skills now. I think it would be really interesting and cool,” said Alexander.

The 20-year-old Alexander is studying robotic welding at Central Carolina Community College.

The college received $38 million to create a school-to-career pipeline for VinFast.

“Part of this project is really sitting down with VinFast, taking the time to map out with them What are those jobs? What are those skills? What do we need to add to our catalog of programs so that individuals in our communities are prepared to go into them successfully?” said Margaret Robertson, Vice President of Workforce Development at Central Carolina Community College.