Here’s what’s bringing 125+ VCs to Pittsburgh next month

Investor attendees signed up for the region’s upcoming robotics and artificial intelligence venture fair have increased by 25 percent over the initial event last year and are expected to go even higher as Pittsburgh’s reputation as a hot bed for startups continues to accelerate.

The fair, developed by Carnegie Mellon University and Innovation Works, will be held at CMU’s Swartz Center on May 16. Last year’s was the region’s first venture fair to focus on a specific industry.

“We have 125 investors signed up and could reach 150 by May 10,” said Gary Glausser, IW CIO. “We’re pretty excited and getting some of the top firms who only invest in AI, robotics and machine-learning.”…

“I think the sophistication level and quality of VCs has gone up,” said Mark DeSantis, CEO of RoadBotics which also presented in 2018. “Last year for us was more of a set up for this year. We were pretty far along with our fundraising then, but I wanted to preview it. It got us good contacts and a running start for our Series A round.”