Here’s What Your Future Relationship With A Semi-Autonomous Car Could Look Like

In the past decade, cars have become smarter in ways we previously never thought possible. They have gained internet connections, formed successful relationships with our smartphones via CarPlay and Android Auto, and learned a whole host of new semi-autonomous driving skills.

They have also turned into the largest ‘device’ we own, morphing from simply a mode of transport, into a smart gadget with abilities of our phones, smartwatches and computers. Next, they’ll get much better at communicating with those products, and with the services – especially health and wellbeing services – we use everyday. And, of course, they’ll get even safer too.

With this transition well underway, and with a very long runway ahead before (if) we reach full autonomy, car manufacturers and their technology partners are busy preparing for a shift in how the car is perceived, and interacted with.