Here’s What A Level 3 Self Driving 2024 Mercedes-Benz S-Class And EQS Can Really Do

Where most of the car manufacturers, including Tesla, hit a roadblock after Level 2, Mercedes has inched closer to perfection with Level 3. This level of autonomous driving can also be called ‘conditional driving automation’. Mercedes has called this technology Drive Pilot system, and it will let the driver of the car assign the driving task to the car in certain conditions.

This technology will take the driving responsibility from the driver in areas with high traffic density. Once activated using buttons located on the rim of the steering wheel, the system will control the speed of your car considering the difference in distance with the vehicle ahead. This will help the car move on its own and stay within its lane. The Drive Pilot will use an array of technologies and equipment like cameras, radar and ultrasound sensors, microphones, GPS, LiDAR, and a digital HD map to create a 3D image of the road ahead and the surroundings.