Here’s All the Proof You Need That Electric Vehicles Are Taking Over the World

Chevrolet’s affordable electric vehicle, the Bolt EV, saw a limited release in December, and it has already clocked in impressive all-electric miles — convertible to over 175,000 gallons of fuel.
Chevrolet Bolt EV, the brand’s affordable, battery-powered electric vehicle (EV), has clocked in serious mileage since its release in December, 2016. According to the company, in just four months owners have driven a collective 7.2 million km (4.5 million miles) as of April 2nd, 2017.

This impressive milestone illustrates how relevant the adoption of EVs are to the world’s effort to protect the environment. The Bolt EV’s all-electric miles are equivalent to saving 175,000 gallons of fuel, following the average EPA estimate of 42 km per gallon (26 mpg) for 2017 vehicles in the US.