Heinz Students Break Down Barriers to Urban Development in State Transportation Policies

The Almono partnership politely disagreed and that’s where Heinz College came in.  RIDC teamed up with the College’s Traffic 21 Smart Transportation Institute which led to an MSPPM student project to assess of PENNDOT’s Transportation Impact Guidelines.  Advised by consultant Richard Feder, and an advisory board that included representatives from the Port Authority of Allegheny County, the Urban Development Authority of Pittsburgh, the Planning Department of the City of Pittsburgh, GAI Consultants, CMU’s Remaking Cities Institute, BikePGH, the Hazelwood Initiative, and Traffic 21 and RIDC, the students took a hard look of the appropriateness of TIS guideless for urban mixed use developments and using Almono as a case study, found a variety of ways such policies could be improved.