Head of LADOT Calls for ‘Universal Basic Mobility’

The head of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation is calling for “universal basic mobility” in a plea to remake transportation that is more equitable, affordable, accessible and generally more “joyful.”

“The idea that no matter where you live, how much money you have, or who you are, you have access to dignified, frequent, affordable transportation that serves all of the needs that you have,” said Seleta Reynolds, general manager of the Los Angeles DOT, in a keynote address at the CoMotion MIAMI conference this week. “Because there is a strong economic argument to make sure that is the case for everybody in L.A.”

Reynolds challenged Los Angeles, and all cities, to put forward transportation ecosystems with “vision, pragmatism and joy,” and to advance systems that leave no one behind, curtail the use of single-occupancy car ownership and make a sizable effort to combat climate change.