Hampton partners with CMU to monitor township air quality

Hampton has joined a Carnegie Mellon University-run program to monitor potential changes in township air pollution.

Air quality sensors were installed atop the community center along McCully Road to measure changes in particulates.

The sensors were free to the township through the Greater Pittsburgh Northwest Real-time Affordable Multi-Pollutant (RAMP) Network at CMU…

The RAMP sensors measure carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and fine particulates among others.

Since 2016, the program has deployed air quality sensors across Allegheny County. It provides neighborhood-level air pollution data and is among the largest long-term networks of low-cost pollutant sensors across the country.

Team leaders are Albert Presto, associate research professor at CMU, and R. Subramanian, a CMU research scientist.

Project partners include SenSevere and the City of Pittsburgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure.