Google and Renault are creating a ‘software-defined vehicle’

In 2018, Google partnered with Renault Group to bring Android-powered infotainment systems to cars. The two companies are now building on this partnership to design and deliver the digital architecture for a more complex concept, a “software-defined vehicle” (SDV).

This partnership has a twofold goal of creating both in-vehicle software and cloud software to enable the SDV platform and a Digital Twin, according to the release.

The term “Digital Twin” refers to the copy of a vehicle that will feature the most advanced AI capabilities “for an easier and continuous integration of new services into the vehicle and the creation of new onboard (In-Car Services) and offboard applications,” according to the company.

A SDV with over-the-air, continuous upgrades will build on the existing Android Automotive Operating System and Google Cloud technology collaboration. Renault will leverage Google’s Cloud technology to securely manage data capture and analytics. They’ll also use Google’s ML and AI capabilities.