Gondolas to work? Pittsburgh Parking Authority could have new focus in coming years, mayor says

Gondolas, autonomous vehicles, and yes, even bicycles — the Pittsburgh Parking Authority might get some new assignments if Mayor Bill Peduto can make it happen.

Mr. Peduto floated a plan Monday to turn the Pittsburgh Parking Authority into the “Pittsburgh Mobility Authority,” tasked with the mission of finding unconventional ways of moving people in the 21st-century Steel City.

“It’s not about parking cars. But it’s about marinas along the North Shore. It’s about a gondola system that allows us to get from different areas because of our topography in the most effective, efficient and practical way,” he said. “It’s about the use of driverless vehicles that run on electricity that are part of our inner mobility system. And yes, it’s about bikes because for a lot of people that’s their mode of transportation.”