Going Dutch? New bicycle signal is part of a study on bike infrastructure

It’s a “first of its kind in the Unites States,” said the Portland Bureau of Transportation in a tweet.

PBOT installed a new “Dutch Style” bicycle signal on North Broadway at Williams near the Interstate 5 on-ramp. It’s part of study of bike infrastructure.

Portland has dozens of bike-specific signals across the city but this one, installed in late July, is smarter.

It activates when a cyclist rides over a wire loop in the ground, therefore acknowledging the rider’s presence. Then, it provides a countdown to the next green light. While signals like these are common in Europe, PBOT said this is a first in the US…

In collaboration with the Oregon Department of Transportation, and researchers from Portland State and Oregon State Universities, the Bicycle Detection and Feedback Study aims to improve safety – and if they can, the rider experience.