GM’s Self-Driving Cars Will Recognize Your Face and Make Sure You’re Paying Attention

GM’s new driver assist technology, which will roll out next year, will include facial recognition that can detect whether a driver is falling asleep or not paying attention. According to Reuters, should the software notice the driver’s gaze wandering, it will activate a series of alerts to bring the driver back to attention. Known as Super Cruise, the system will start by flashing a red visual on the windshield if it catches a driver dozing off. If that doesn’t work, the seat will vibrate, and next an audio message will play. Should none of the methods snap the driver back to attention, a human staffer will attempt to communicate with the driver by means of the car’s OnStar system.

GM isn’t the first to try to integrate facial recognition into its vehicles. Ford and Intel announced a joint venture to research the technology back in 2014, but their product is yet to reach the market.