GM Pushes Ahead With Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology For Long Haul Trucks

Assuming all those challenges are overcome, then comes the question of how to distribute it so it can be used to power the fuel cells in vehicles. A DC fast charging installation might cost $300,000 but a hydrogen refueling station can cost $3 million. Compressing it, trucking it, and storing it all present additional hurdles to consider.

Getting rid of carbon emissions from the transportation sector is of vital concern to the citizens of Earth. At present there are two ways of doing that — battery electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles. Despite massive support from the Japanese government, sales of fuel cell private cars are floundering while sales of battery electric cars are exploding. But there are some forms of transportation where batteries may not be the answer — transoceanic ships and airplanes for example. Somewhere in the middle are the tractors that haul semi-trailers loaded with freight from place to place around the world.