GM Plans to Roll Out Self-Driving Technology to All Cadillacs in 2020

General Motors Company (GM – Get Report) is about to go all-in with semi-autonomous driving.

The auto giant announced on Wednesday, June 6 that it will expand its Super Cruise hands-free driver assistance feature to all Cadillac models in 2020 and then to other GM brands in 2023. GM will also offer vehicle-to-everything communication, better known as V2X, in Cadillac models starting in 2023.

Originally rolled out in April 2017, Super Cruise is currently available only in the 2018 Cadillac CT6. The technology uses a combination of infrared lights known as LiDAR mapping, in-car cameras, radar sensors and GPS to navigate the vehicle. However, Super Cruise only works on freeways while other semi-autonomous driving technology, such as the Tesla (TSLA – Get Report) Autopilot, can work on city streets although the company advises against it.