GM exec: Autonomous cars could be for sale in 10 years

“We believe that they [NHSTSA] will start with a safety driver in the vehicle, which I think provides that extra layer of attention as we not only prove and validate the technology, but then demonstrate to consumers the safety of technology,” Barra said. “I think the framework will work.” Barra has previously said GM believes autonomous vehicles should have a brake, accelerator and steering wheel while the systems are proven safe. The carmaker expects the first deployment of self-driving vehicles will be for ride-sharing services. It has a partnership with Lyft Inc.

GM’s semi-automated hands-free, pedals-free highway driving feature – Super Cruise – is on track to debut next year on the Cadillac CT6, Barra said. GM confirmed in January it was being delayed for an unspecified reason. It previously was supposed to be available on the 2017 CT6.