GM, Bechtel Collaborate to Create Nationwide EV Charging Network

General Motors faces a roadblock in its goal to build a future for zero emissions cars — a lack of infrastructure needed to keep electric vehicles on the road. So the company is turning to construction giant Bechtel. In a collaboration that is in its infancy, the two companies will work together to build a public electric vehicle fast-charging network throughout the U.S.

“We know from our customer research that the top three reasons that inhibit EV adoption are price, range and lack of EV charging infrastructure,” says Mike Ableson, vice president of EV infrastructure and charging at GM. “Price and range are very much under our direct control. The charging infrastructure is not.”

The stations would be made available to any EV, regardless of make. GM is second only to Tesla in the number of electric vehicles it sells. In 2017 GM said it would introduce 20 new EVs by 2023.