Ghost Road, On Myths & Future For Autonomous Vehicles With Anthony Townsend — Part One

Anthony recently wrote GHOST ROAD: Beyond the Driverless Car. He is also the president of Star City Group, a forecasting and urban planning collaborative based in New York City, and the author of Smart Cities. As he says, he has been interested in two things his entire life: cities and computers, especially what happens when the two meet. Anthony got his start in computing and exploring online worlds by “dialing into them.” As Anthony explains, he started to study the geography of the internet as it was evolving in the early ’90s and began exploring academic research on how cities would grow as the internet did. He also spent 10 years in Silicon Valley doing long-range forecasting for a think tank before he started to write about what it meant for computing to be easily accessible and fit into your pocket. For Anthony, he was especially interested in how this technology would shape lives and the world.