GETTING THERE: The good and bad of the roadway light evolution

The university’s transportation institute believes LED usage will increase significantly in the next five years.

Engineers at the institute said LEDs, a form of solid-state light, have numerous benefits, but also potential issues, and more research is needed.

LEDs are more efficient and flexible than traditional streetlights.

While the new guidelines focus on streetlights, there is another issue when it comes to transportation and LEDs: bright headlights.

Most new cars have LED headlights, a trend that has agitated thousands of drivers who say the lights are too bright and bad for the eyes. Research, online petitions and news stories—including a Consumer Reports article—all have targeted bright headlights like LEDs.

One petition, supported by the American Motorists Association, has nearly 15,000 signatures, asking the National Highway Transportation Safety Association to ban bright LED headlights.