Georgia Plans Unprecedented Smart Commercial Vehicle Lanes

The Georgia Department of Transportation has planned an unprecedented barrier-separated, commercial vehicle-only lane project along Interstate 75 North that’s also set to be the nation’s first smart commercial vehicle corridor…

The nearly $2-billion, decade-long project is in the environmental planning phase.The agency has also decided to make the road a “smart” highway, said Jay Roberts, the Georgia Department of Transportation’s planning director. “Smart” technology refers to adding sensors into the roadway to better inform drivers and vehicles about conditions on their route such as traffic congestion or roadwork. Using road-to-vehicle communications, the technology can even warn drivers when they are taking a turn too quickly.

That could mean laying fiber optic cables, though they have not finalized the details. He said the hope is for the corridor to be capable of hosting whatever new technology will be available at the time of completion, including features to support autonomous technology like truck platooning.