Georgia DOT prepares to adopt Connected Vehicle technology

The Georgia Department of Transportation has announced the imminent release of a request for proposals from private sector partners to provide a turnkey CV solution for principal roadways in Metro Atlanta. As car manufacturers begin to employ CV technology in their vehicles, GDOT moves one step closer to ensuring that no matter the vehicle technology, the state’s transportation infrastructure will be prepared.

Georgia is already underway in pursuing a large active connected vehicle infrastructure deployment. To date, more than 400 locations across metro Atlanta are connected with this innovative CV technology.

In a speech on Jan. 21 to transportation professionals, Gov. Brian Kemp announced a Regional Connected Vehicle partnership between Georgia DOT and the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) to connect an additional 1,000 locations with CV technology.

The cost of the initial phase of the project is $10 million, $8 million will come from federal sources with a $2 million local match from numerous local governments and Community Improvement Districts.