General Motors Reveals Details on New Hands-Free Tech

General Motors has revealed what to expect from its new Ultra Cruise hands-off tech when it launches on the Cadillac Celestiq in 2024.

The next-generation advanced driver assistance system has been designed to enable hands-free driving in 95% of all driving scenarios, with 360-degree visibility delivered via a unique sensor suite…

While Super Cruise currently functions on 400,000 miles of compatible U.S. and Canadian roads, it is understood that Ultra Cruise-equipped cars will work on around 2 million miles of highways at launch, with this set to expand over time to include rural and urban roads.

But with the Celestiq likely to cost more than $300,000 access to Ultra Cruise, which will be reserved for GM’s most premium EVs, won’t come cheap. And it’s worth bearing in mind that it is considered Level 2 tech, as defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers. That means the driver must remain engaged at all times.