Garmin’s new rearview radars for cyclists keep an eye on your blindspot

Garmin has revealed two new rearview radars for cyclists, giving those on bikes a warning when cars and other traffic might be pulling up behind them. The Varia RVR315 and Varia RTL515 both keep track on what’s happening in riders’ blind spots, and work with Garmin’s new Varia app – as well as other bike hardware – to alert them to approaching cars.

The Varia RVR315 is the simpler of the two, and the cheaper. Looking like a small rubber puck, it’s designed to mount on the seat post of the bike and can spot vehicles approaching from behind up to 460 feet away.

It has seven hours of battery life, and is IPX7 water rated. If you’re looking for a new rear light, however, the Varia RTL515 might fit the bill. It pairs a radar with the same 460 foot range with a red LED light, so that traffic can better see you while you’re getting alerts about them.