Full US transition to electric vehicles still decades away

The Biden administration is moving the U.S. toward an all-electric vehicle future, though making it a reality may still be decades away…

A small but growing number of drivers have already switched to electric vehicles, a trend that will need to continue to grow to deliver an all-electric future.

Stan Caldwell, executive director of the Traffic21 Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, said more consumers will move to cleaner vehicles as more options come to the market.

“With the significant amount of new products coming online from the manufacturers, that’s going to have a significant impact, where it’s not just a couple of offerings out there, you’re really starting to see wider (offerings),” Caldwell said. “The manufacturing of those companies is really starting to increase — they’re just making, Ford, GM and Toyota, all the companies — now are all claiming billions of dollars in new manufacturing facilities.”