Freight Truck Shortages Are Changing The Face Of Logistics

Not all experts on freight logistics are quite so optimistic that we will have fully autonomous trucks on the road by 2024 like TuSimple is claiming. Michelle Sodomka, a Senior Director in charge of Open Sky Group’s transportation management practice has 15 years’ experience in risk analysis and mitigation within the logistics industry. She believes a fatal accident could lead to a more restrictive regulatory environment surrounding autonomous trucks and skyrocketing insurance rates. That would make autonomous trucks too cost prohibitive for most shippers.. Nevertheless, she believes the revolution in freight logistics is coming; it is just a matter of timing. Open Sky Group is focused on consulting and implementation of Blue Yonder’s warehouse, labor, and transportation management solutions.

Transportation management systems are used by shippers and carriers to more efficiently manage inbound and outbound shipments. Ms. Sodomka does not believe that the emergence of autonomous trucks will impact the planning and execution of transportation shipments.