Free rides are the future of public transport, according to this German startup

At 5pm today, Berliners get the get the chance to try a brand new carpooling service. 25 shuttle cars will hit the streets, offering shared rides to up to five passengers at a time. Oh yeah, and it’s free..

Carpooling offers the same features as conventional ride-sharing, but is often vastly cheaperThe initiative will run for three months, and is from mobility platform startup Door2Door, and Germany’s largest automobile club, Allgemeine Deutsche Automobil-Club (ADAC).

Door2Door provides the algorithms behind the project and ADAC the vehicles and, most importantly, the funding.

The project aims to start a conversation about the future of public transport and how smart cities of the future are designed. Door2Door and ADAC want their free carpooling project to be an example of how a future smart city can plan its public transportation systems.