Four years later, Ohio State research boosts Smart Columbus

It’s been four years since the city of Columbus was declared the winner of the U.S. Department of Transportation Smart Cities Challenge. Now, several of the projects under that grant that have been directly supported by The Ohio State University are reaching their conclusions.

But researchers at Ohio State agree the work for a smarter Columbus is just getting started.

David Cooke, senior associate director of the Center for Automotive Research and one of the university partners with Smart Columbus, said the lessons learned from the program will have a long-term impact.

“What [the smart cities grant] brought to the city of Columbus is to really put us at the forefront of mobility and smart cities research on a national scale,” Cooke said. “[CAR has been] engaged in automotive research for 30 years doing a subset of this work, very specifically on vehicle design and systems development, but mobility is much broader than just the vehicle.”