Four Reasons Self-Driving Cars, Not Drones, Will Deliver Your Packages

If the future of e-commerce is best represented by Jeff Bezos vs. Elon Musk, then the Tesla Inc. (TSLA) – Get Free Report founder holds a decisive edge over his compatriot at Amazon Inc…

1. Bureaucratic Purgatory
Drones are stuck in bureaucratic purgatory. Despite years of studies, meetings and hearings, the Federal Aviation Administration has yet to issue rules that govern the use of commercial drones…

2. Amazon Losing Interest?
Bezos ignited the drone crazy with his 60 Minutes interview. The company’s size and clout suddenly made drones top of mind for retailers.

3. Economics And Aesthetics Don’t Work
The complexity of drones makes it hard to see how the technology can drive efficiencies in an industry that depends on moving large quantities of goods in the shortest amount of time, Ladd said…

4. Need And Urgency For Drones Has Dissipated
The country has significantly changed since Bezos’ interview a decade ago.