Forget autonomy: Here’s how driving becomes safer

Traffic accidents are a misnomer. In fact, over 95% of what happens on roadways is perfectly predictable.

That’s according to Stefan Heck, PhD, CEO of Nauto, a leader in AI-powered advanced driver assistance systems. With a belief that fully autonomous driving is still years away, Heck’s answer to the mounting number of collisions and fatalities in 2020 is to help drivers, not replace them. To that end, Nauto’s technology underpins sophisticated safety systems for hundreds of the world’s top large-scale fleets and customers are achieving up to 80% reduction in collision loss. The company estimates that has translated into over $300 million in savings.

So how can fleets operate safer and more predictably? And what does that mean for non-commercial drivers and pedestrians? I caught up with Heck, who shared interesting insights on the very human future of driving.