Forget About Self-Driving Cars, Just Make A Robot That Can Drive

So far, thousands of automotive engineers and AI developers have been toiling away at trying to invent a true self-driving car. Earlier claims that progress would be fast and sweet have shown to be over-hyped and unrealistic.

If you consider this to be a vexing problem, and if you have a smarmy person that you know, they might ponder the matter and offer a seemingly out-of-the-box proposition.

Here’s the bold idea: Rather than trying to build a self-driving car, why not instead just make a robot that can drive?

Well, by gosh, why didn’t somebody think of that already, you might be wondering.

The answer is that it has been considered, and indeed there are some efforts trying to construct such a robot, but overall the belief is that we’ll be more likely to sooner achieve self-driving cars via building driverless cars rather than trying to craft robots that can do the driving for us.