Ford’s connected cars now link with Amazon Key for in-car delivery

Ford Motor Company said on Tuesday that it’s bringing Amazon Key’s in-car delivery service to its lineup of connected vehicles. The automaker said select Ford and Lincoln vehicles from 2017 onward will have the ability to link up to Amazon Key through the FordPass Connect and Lincoln Connect connected car cloud services.

For the service to work, eligible car owners have to download the FordPass or Lincoln Way app, create an account, and activate the car for in-car delivery. An Amazon Prime account must also sync up to the FordPass or Lincoln Way account.

From there, the process operates along the same lines as the rest of Amazon’s Key delivery options, which were first launched in October 2017 as a way for shoppers to securely accept packages inside their homes. The keyless entry service has since expanded beyond the front door to the car trunk, garage door and business.