Ford unveils new F-150 as tech-savvy pickup with hands-free driving and integrated power generator

Ford Motor is bringing a new level of technology to its 2021 F-150 pickup to attract new buyers while also trying to please its loyal customers with new features tailored to them.

It’s a fine line for Ford to walk, as its F-Series trucks, including the F-150 and its larger siblings, account for a substantial amount of the company’s profits. The automaker is in the midst of an $11 billion restructuring plan as it pivots to emerging technologies such as all-electric and autonomous vehicles.

On Thursday evening, Ford digitally unveiled traditional and hybrid versions of the pickup, both scheduled to begin arriving in dealerships this fall.

New unique features include a segment-first hands-free highway driving system, 12-inch screens and over-the-air updates. Ford is promising its hybrid model will deliver both great performance and fuel efficiency.