Ford reveals plan for $700M plant, jobs at Rouge plus all-electric Ford F-150 secrets

Ford Motor Co. revealed Thursday an audacious plan to build a $700 million plant at the Rouge complex that would create the first all-electric F-150, the nation’s bestselling vehicle…

Kumar Galhotra, president, Americas & International Markets Group, talked with reporters before the event and said of the all-electric Ford F-150:

“It will be the fastest F-150 ever” in terms of 0 to 60 mph.
“It will be the most powerful.”
“With the battery and the electric motors, it will have most torque of any F-150 we’ve ever built, and the torque will be instantaneous. … It totally changes the driving dynamics.”
“It will have a giant frunk … or a trunk in the front.”
“Bidirectional power transfer, so you can obviously charge it or you can use the power for powering your home or the work site.”
New technology on the electric F-150 will allow mobile power generation so people may use trucks as a power source for camping, too.