Ford overhauls mobility business, promises 90% connectivity globally by 2020

The company also said it would reorder its Mobility business under Marcy Klevorn into four new groups: Ford X, Mobility Business Group, Mobility Platforms and Products, and Mobility Marketing and Growth.
“2018 is the year Ford Mobility moves from foundation building to product and service delivery, and we are acting decisively to ensure our teams are set up for success,” Klevorn said in a release. “The acquisitions of Autonomic and TransLoc, together with the new organization will enable faster innovation incubation and product development times, as well as increase the group’s ability to scale and create value for our shareholders.”
Importantly, in its wireless efforts, Ford reiterated that it “will deliver on the company’s commitment of 100 percent connectivity of new vehicles in the United States by 2019 and push toward its goal of 90 percent connectivity globally by 2020.”