Ford has electric pickup range-extender design that drops into bed, could be option for F150

Ford has designed a removable range-extender that can drop into an electric pickup’s bed, which could possibly become an option for the upcoming F150 electric.

Range-extenders, which are basically generators, haven’t become popular with electric vehicles buyers.

It’s basically the same concept as a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) with the main difference being that a PHEV generally has a short battery-electric range and mainly relies on its gas tank for longer distances.

On the other hand, an EV with a range extender generally relies on the battery and the generator only provides some additional range.

But both can recharge their battery independently from burning gas — unlike a hybrid…

While companies often patent technologies that don’t always make it to market, this patent is particularly interesting in the context of Ford working on its very first electric pickup truck the F150 Electric.

Ford is expected to bring the Ford F150 Electric pickup to market in 2022.