Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup needs a $3,900 home device to use it as backup power

Ford has confirmed the price of its “Home Integration System,” which enables the F-150 Lightning electric pickup to power your home in case of an outage.

It will cost $3,895 before installation which is actually quite a good price…

When Ford unveiled the F-150 Lightning, one of the features that created the most buzz was its support for bi-directional charging: Ford intelligent Backup Power.

It means that the electric pickup truck can send power back to power a home, another vehicle, or virtually anything it can plug into.

In March, Ford unveiled the Ford Charge Station Pro, a bi-directional home charging station that works with the upcoming F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck.

At the time, we were impressed by the cost of the home charger. At $1,310, it is way more expensive than your average home charging solution, but it is rated 80-amp and it offers bi-directional capacity – two very valuable features.