Ford-backed Autonomous Driving Developer Argo AI Conducts Pilot to Study How Traffic Can Flow More Efficiently Using AI

Driving in densely populated urban areas is often frustrating for motorists, as city drivers must contend with other vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians. In addition, urban drivers will likely be stuck at multiple red traffic lights when traveling in a heavily populated city. But new technology being developed may help to improve traffic flow in cities.

Pittsburgh-based autonomous vehicle developer Argo AI, which is backed by the Ford Motor Co. & Volkswagen and is also tasked with developing self-driving technology for Ford, partnered on a pilot project with fellow Pittsburgh software company Rapid Flow Technologies to integrate its software to help traffic move more efficiently at signal-controlled interactions.

The two companies conducted the pilot over several weeks in 2020 using 15 of Argo AI’s self-driving test vehicles, but only recently made the study results public.

Rapid Flow Technologies spun out of Carnegie Mellon University. The company is using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve traffic flow. Rapid Flow developed edge computing software called “Surtrac” that’s designed to help manage traffic flow at intersections.