Ford Adds To Crisscrossing Ties Between Auto, Tech Giants

Ford (F) will partner with Alphabet (GOOGL) on smart connected cars, after General Motors (GM) allied with Microsoft (MSFT) to develop highly autonomous and electric vehicles. Ford stock rose.
The six-year deal between Ford and Google will see the auto giant leverage Google Cloud and Android for in-car connectivity and other services.

Starting in 2023, Ford and Lincoln vehicles “at all price points” will offer built-in access to Google’s voice assistant, maps and play store, Ford said. Plus, Ford will use Google AI to send personalized alerts for things like vehicle maintenance and trade-ins.

Plus, Ford will leverage Google technology to improve and modernize in areas such as supply chain management, product development and manufacturing.

In an interview with CNBC, new CEO Jim Farley said the deal is worth “hundreds of millions” of dollars, but declined to provide a specific number. He talked up partnerships and appeared to acknowledge that Ford’s own connectivity solutions had failed to resonate with customers.