Ford Acquires Robotics Company to Speed up the Development of Self-Driving Cars

Ford announced it paid an undisclosed sum to acquire Michigan-based Quantum Signal AI, a 40-member team of robotics developers located near the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Quantum Signal was founded as a technology spin-off from the University of Michigan.

Although it’s a relatively unknown company, Quantum Signal is renowned for its “ANVEL” modeling and simulation environment, which helped the U.S. military develop software that allowed it to remotely control robotic vehicles from thousands of miles away. It also built a robust simulation environment capable of testing autonomous vehicle designs that’s still being used today.

In addition to simulation, Ford said that Quantum Signal has done extensive work developing algorithms that help guide autonomous vehicles. The company has experience sensing and perception systems, which can be used to help improve the perception systems of Ford’s autonomous vehicles so they can better analyze the environment around them.