For some electric vehicle owners, recharging now more costly than filling up

Power rates across the region have jumped an average of 30% since last summer, while gasoline prices have receded well below their peak in June of 2022. Web engineer Matt Cain, who lives in Amherst, Massachusetts, said he ran a price comparison when his electricity bill shot up in January and found that his overall costs for utilities had climbed a whopping 50%…

Cain said the price hike hasn’t changed his driving habits. But it has prompted his wife, who works at a local community college, to charge the car at work where it’s cheaper. “It’s not a point of pain for me, but it’s something I’ve noticed,” he said.

On Reddit, other EV owners have noted the rising recharging costs. One Massachusetts resident said their power company, National Grid, jacked up local electricity prices to 44 cents per kilowatt-hour — three times the national average.