For Disabled People, Inclusive Transportation Is About Much More Than Lifts And Ramps

Though physical access barriers are important in relation to street and public transport infrastructure, they are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the multitude of challenges disabled people face in getting around.

That is the key takeaway from an insightful, recently published guidance document developed by Cross River Partnership (CRP).

The report entitled “Mobility Justice and Transport Inclusivity,” forms part of the Healthy Streets Everyday Project, a Mayor of London Air Quality Fund initiative to help deliver pedestrian-priority healthy streets across the U.K. capital…

Instead, it adopts a person-centered approach through in-depth interviews with five individuals with mobility impairments from a variety of different ages and backgrounds.

The aim, as the authors explain, is not to make specific recommendations but to tease out some of the emotional and psychological drivers defining inaccessibility from a disabled person’s perspective.